Expertise and projects

Expertise and approach

Members of the group have a wide range of backgrounds including: microbiology, biochemistry, epidemiology and industrial R&D in government, academia and commerce.  The approach taken is multidisciplinary and includes a variety of different investigative methods.

The information generated is useful for policymakers, doctors and patients as well as for professionals or  organisations whose members are more at risk of TBI’s. The aim of the research is to help improve the policy on – and services for – people with TBI’s.

Current and planned projects

Part of the research work has looked at the societal impact of TBI’s. We have developed and completed a survey of patients in the UK and Eire, which focused on their experience of Lyme disease. It covers different aspects of the disease: from infection through testing, from treatment and on to post treatment.  This was a joint project with Tick Talk Ireland, an organisation based in Eire. This was the first of its kind in the UK but there have been several other surveys by other groups since.

We have extensively examined the literature surrounding testing methods for Lyme Disease (also known as Borreliosis). We have already looked at some of the issues around prevention and models of change that may be needed to drive it in the context of new public health structures that are planned by the government.  The other areas we intend to focus on are diagnosis, and treatment, for Lyme disease as well as for other tick-borne infections.

Dissemination and use of information

This survey results are currently being prepared for publication. An overview was presented to the Social Research Association workshop on the use of social media in research in March 2012 and is a featured paper at the Ireland Lyme Conference in Dublin, June 2012. Other material for publication is being prepared. We have recently (2016) contributed to the NICE guidelines development process for Lyme disease as a stakeholder and in consultation, which is ongoing and due to be finalised in April 2018.

As an organisation we hope that our data, information and findings will inform individuals, organisations and professions, so that they can take action to improve policy and practice for TBI’s in the UK and beyond. We invite any organisations who would like our updates on our findings and programmes of work to contact us.

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