Falling through the gap? Lyme Prevention in the UK – Part 1 – April 2012

Falling through the gap? Lyme Prevention in the UK – Part 2 – April 2012

Tick Talk Ireland conference presentation June 2012Patient’s experiences of health care – Gender differences and similarities (sound file) – link to You Tube slide presentation of same information

Planned information:

1. A list of publications about Lyme disease (biology, epidemiology, social science, medical and clinical etc) that are done in the UK and Ireland, including work that is done collaboratively by researchers.

This will be by date and author, abstract (etc) and colour coded to identify different types of research.

2. Summaries of information relating to specific issues on prevention, testing, diagnosis or treatment that are UK relevant.

3. Links to research findings that are key to these issues, and/or new peer reviewed evidence.

Research consultancy – Kate Bloor and Vashti Hale are now working at their Independant research consultancy serving a variety of types of research for medium sized voluntary, community and public sector organisations.