Aims of Research Group

Lyme Research UK consists of a group of researchers whose main aim is to explore and engage with research, that is related to policy and practice on Tick-Borne Infections (TBI’s) in the UK and Eire.

This includes both doing new (primary) research as well as looking at existing research, and linking this to both existing policy and patient’s experiences. The aim is to generate research information which reflects on how policy currently affects patients. We also use new and emerging science, clinical evidence of various kinds and/or policy research that reflects on key issues around how practices could be improved.

Lyme Research UK was founded by Kate Bloor  (BSc Human sciences; MSc Sociology health and illness; MSc Science and technology policy) and has several members.

Vahsti Hale (MSc Sociology Research) has been working as a principal researcher with Lyme Research UK since 2011 on research design, data analysis, and article writing etc.

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